Monday, June 16, 2014

ARC REVIEW: Reciprocity by K.I. Lynn

I've sat on finishing this review for a few days because
I can see that most of the ARC reviewers are giving it 5 stars -
almost every bone in me wants to as well, just because!!! But I can't.

There shouldn't 't be a single doubt that I'm a HUGE fan of Nathan Thorne

cock heartbeat

huhum...and his dirty mouth!!

Lila and how she overcame her issues AND of K.I. Lynn herself.
I've loved this series hard up till now.

Hell! Breach was my Book of the Year last year!!

I have an in-scripted/signed copy that I'll cherish forever.
rdj let me love you

But for me, this just wasn't a 5 star finish.
(Oh God! I feel like I broke the honeybear loyalty code even writing that!)

I'm going to find it hard to put into words why, 
because I'm more of a gif reviewer. 
But it didn't work for me as I (too desperately?) hoped it would. 
Had I built it up too much in my mind? I don't know.

Not enough of the story gripped me 
and unlike Breach (where I could hardly breathe I was so in awe) 
this time I felt that the personal moments
 became a bit, dare I say... samey.

The ending felt abrupt too.

I'll agree with another reviewer that in some ways this felt like a long epilogue in itself.

 It didn't really excite me and at times it was a little slow.


I've got to be true to myself - It was a 4 star read for me, which isn't bad!!! 
BUT, I doubt I'll sleep tonight for writing it!

Thank you very much to K.I. Lynn for the arc.
God, I hope that you never actually read this review!

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