Thursday, February 12, 2015

Mob Mistress {Bossman #2} ~ Renee Rose

Not going to lie, I had my concerns for the whole 'goomah' side of this one! I'm never going to be a fan of cheating reads (whatever the context!) so I felt a definite rush of happiness as the truth of this story unfolded LOL!!

Turns out it's a brilliantly simple, happy love story 
with a deliciously consensual, 
domestic discipline theme 

and it didn't let me down! 

No one writes spanking better than Renee Rose! 
WOW the hairbrush and belt scenes alone left me 
feeling the sting with Lexi!! 

I couldn't help but fall for Bobby!  
The powerful mobster with a dirty mouth, 
even dirtier controlling nature and the sex drive 
of an eighteen year old with a whopping great... 
point to prove!! 

What's not to love!

His heart of gold toward Lexi and his adoration
 of his daughters made for a great story!

Can't wait for more!

If you haven't read book 1 but fancy a taster, 
click the cover for my spoiler-free review...

 These are standalone reads and I'd highly recommend both if you're looking for hot love stories with HEA's, 
a lot of spanking, discipline, anal and down & dirty 
sex to spice up your day! 

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  1. Thank you so much-- I absolutely adore your reviews (still watching the spanking <3