Friday, April 3, 2015

ARC REVIEW: ~~ EDEN #3 ~~ by Georgia Le Carre

I rarely do this (and it's for the entire series) 

All the stars for story and all the hearts for heat 
that I can give - because to me, it's 


I've been such a fool. Such a fool. He saw me coming and tied me up in knots. And I let him. After Vegas, 
my heart and mind have been thrown into complete disarray. Is it really possible that what we had— all that blazing, unquenchable passion—was just an illusion?
I know I've lost his trust, but somehow I must find a way to repair the damage I have caused and find my 
way back to his heart.
I have to make it right… whatever it takes.


She is my wife now, but I know she's not mine. 
Not really. Not properly. Not the way I want. You see, 
I want it all. Every last bit of her: heart, mind, body and soul. And I'm prepared to move heaven and earth to make that happen. This is my mission and my promise. Watch me make her mine or die trying...

From the moment I saw these covers and read the blurbs I knew this series was going to be right up my smut filled street! What I didn't expect was that, what appeared on the surface to be a fairly simple ride would turn out to be a complex roller coaster of brilliance...

...It was absolutely outstanding!

‘What do I love more than my wife? 
 -- Jake Eden

You take your aim. You fire. 
And shoot me down. 
Fuck you, Fate. 
-- Lily Strom

I'm really not going to tell you anything about this final part of the story! If you're reading this then you'll be joining me for the journey soon. Or, LOL you've just gotten off the same dirty beautiful roller coaster!!

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What we get from Georgia Le Carre (and what erotica badly needs more of) is an author that's 
also a great thinker. 
Her world knowledge (often in minute detail) is astounding. Fuck me! 
Georgia could give Naomi Klein a run for her money!!

Don't get me wrong, I'm often first in line to read baseline fluff erotica and I enjoy it as much as the next smutster, but this author raises the bar so high that it's becoming more and more difficult to find words to express just how much awe I'm actually in!!

I feel somewhat out of my depth her writing is so good.
I hardly read more than a couple of pages and I'm flawed by something she's written, a spot on observation, her description of something from the very simple to some huge conspiracy theory, I honestly stop and think 'Good God, that's exactly right! Why didn't I think or know that'

Everything she writes is new and fresh, there's never a scene where I think I've read similar but I swear even if Georgia did that, she'd do it better. 

Her writing is flawless.
I mean she's seriously got it all going on...!

I'm looking forward with completely baited breath
to her next series -
... like the Georgia Le 'Crack' addict that I am!!


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Thanks Georgia - you're the best!!!
And that fantastic joke at the end fucking killed me! : )

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