Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Trapped (Caged #2) by Shay Savage @Savage7289

"This story is going to blow your mind!!" ~Shay Savage

OMG it has mine, that's for sure! 
I always expect the unexpected 
with a Shay Savage read, I mean phenomenal doesn't even touch her style of writing, male pov's, characters and creativity but how she creates such amazing stories is beyond me!!

This intense series is like nothing I've read before. I'm absolutely loving it but I think this book will be a little bit controversial for some readers? There's a lot going on! 
Wild sub plots, tears, joy, drama for both Liam and Tria - this one has it all. 
It'll lead to a stunning finale I'm sure, but the journey to get there... 
fuck! it's shocking!! (no spoilers!)

Weirdly, as believe it or not, that's not a selfie!! This gif is pretty close to my actual expression for that last page!!
LOL Good job I love a cliffhanger 
that's all I'm saying!!! Well, that and like 
a junkie needing my Caged fix I want 
book 3 to be out VERY SOON!!

Grab 1 & 2 now 
~ Lick the covers to go to Amazon!! ~

Thanks so much Shay for sharing 
your ARC with Sizzling Pages 

It's always an honor to review for you.

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