Sunday, January 20, 2013

Vanilla on Top by C.J. Ellisson

Vanilla on Top (Walk on the Wild Side, #1)Vanilla on Top by C.J. Ellisson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A solid 4 stars from me

Well, who knew speed dating could be so much fun! I won't give the game away, but the first chapter is and the eroticsm throughout is breathtaking. You definitely get a feel for Heather and Tony's emotions.

The whole book flowed well for me, fast paced, great story, something different too in that Heather takes charge of her life by becoming a sort of 'vanilla domme' (Vanilla on Top is a totally appropriate title for the book!)

Loved Tony, the dual POV completely helps the book along, I think I enjoyed Tony's view more...God we all want men to think about us the way he does Heather. 

I do have two points that dropped me down from a 4.5
This one's simply my preference at the start of a new relationship and I like to see it in erotica...
I will never understand a woman that forgoes a condom by saying 'it's okay, I'm on the pill' (even if she trusts him) especially as he's clearly spent years fucking anything that moved - I think it could have made that part of the scene hot as hell as opposed to 'I forgot condoms'! Yeah right ...he's a playboy who apparently hasn't gone bareback in years, so why forget now! ...just saying!!

Also, there's a blowjob scene that I would have LOVED to have been more than what it was, perhaps it's just me, but I wanted MUCH more detail. ...again, just saying!!

We might be getting a free scene with regard to the missing blowjob detail! Nothing confirmed, but OMG that would be a fucking hot scene based on how erotic this author writes!

Count me in for book two, there's plenty more to this series

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