Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Consequences of Deception ~ Ella Fox

     Consequences of Deception

I’ve loved my first Ella Fox read!

The only reason that this wasn’t a five for me 
was just that the prologue felt like 
part of another story. 
Perhaps if it had been written from Killian’s POV 
I’d have liked it better – who knows? 
That’s just my opinion! 
So, if you start off thinking the same 
keep reading!

From Chapter 1 onward 

If you love your men possessive, controlling and heroic look no further than Killian Brandt.
 And if your heroine needs to be sassy, 
no nonsense and passionate then Sloane Evans is...

Okay, now for the hot bits...
No Justin! 
Let's do this!!... 

It's packed full of beautiful, hot scenes...

It's suspenseful right to the end 
and there's some interesting twists in the story!

I literally cried at around the 50% mark 
but I won’t spoil it for you!

Throw in a little BDSM 
and you have yourself a winner!

It’s lovely to see Tara and Dawn and Sizzling Pages getting a shout out in the acknowledgements! 
– Well done you two - 
and thank you Ella!

More, more, more please!


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