Thursday, April 3, 2014

ARC REVIEW ~ GUNS: The Spencer Book

Oh. My. God... 
I've LOVED reading Spencer’s book.

For me, 
have both been 
amazing reads. 
J.A. Huss 
has me in complete awe. 
Her books are  

I've been lost in them, devouring every word.
Stretching them out, because I didn't want them to end!

Every single quirky, beautiful, seamlessly written character 
in the series has been brought vividly to life. I could have fallen IN love with Ronnie myself... and I don't even swing that way!!
Feisty, honest, 
overcoming issues.
 was a perfect name for her!

And holy fuck Spencer Shrike!
 He could fuck me with paint ANYTIME!
If this series of spin-offs doesn't make you laugh, cry 
and have you ripping off your panties as you run for fresh batteries... then I don't know what will!
You won't regret it!

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