Tuesday, April 22, 2014

ARC REVIEW ~ Uncovering You # 2 SUBMISSION by Scarlett Edwards

This incredibly dark story continues 
with Lilly having no real chance of survival
  unless she signs Jeremy's contract.
It feels like life or death.

It's hard to read and not feel 
anger, sadness, empathy 
and a host of other emotions, 
especially toward Jeremy. 

I'm quite sure that's why it's rating 
so highly with me, 
a book should make us feel it. 
I have no idea how this read 
will finish with a HEA!!! Perhaps it won't? 
Personally I'd stab the bastard.
So why wasn't it a 5 star read?
That's easy... the pointless f/f/f scene. 
If anything, that took away from the quality 
and dark tone of this excellent read.
 It felt clumsy and made little sense 
considering her situation.
I hated it for making the book tacky.

e are some dividers you may want to use'

I'll be all over Uncovering You 3 
due out on May 10, 2014

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