Friday, March 6, 2015

ARC REVIEW ~~~ EDEN #2 by Georgia Le Carre

'Some may call it love. I don’t.'

Have to say - loving these covers!

Jake looks as tasty as that apple!!

And... I'm in shock again!! 

I'm not going to spill a single bean about this story,
if you want to read a series that's start to finish 

and you trust that I'm saying that from the heart then...

And if you haven't already, get book 1 too!!!
Here's my review with a buy link 

I don't even know how GLC writes so well?!! 

'His eyes drop from my face down to the show between my legs. He watches my actions avidly, greedily. I never thought it would be, but it is an incredible turn-on. I feel dirty, and slutty, and shameless and absolutely fucking vibrant.'

It's like a 3D experience, 
you're totally there with the characters. 
I almost pee'd myself at 85%!!

Honest to God, When Jake said not to lie 
as he touched his finger to Lily's lips,
 a full on shiver went through me. 

Wow! I need to be close to a defibrillator when 

I'm reading (or rather feeling!) her books!!

As much a learning experience as a great read! 

Without a doubt this should be a TV mini series, 
it'd be amazing! That fight scene alone was...WOW!

I loved the Billionaire Banker reference too - CLEVER!

I think this author is amongst the smartest 
smut writers on the planet, mostly definitely 

on this side of the Atlantic! 

Her attention to detail is genius.

I seriously cannot wait for book 3, 

I need a perfect HEA for Jake and Lily but I've no idea 
how Georgia will pull that off considering the storyline!!!

'By design this man was made for me, yet I cannot have him.'

Agghhhh!! I'm excited already! 

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