Thursday, March 12, 2015

Isolated {Evan Arden #4} by Shay Savage

I doubt very much that you're reading this 
unless you're already into the series 
and a fan of Shay's exquisite stories. 
So you'll already know it's going to be
perfectly written, beautifully executed and hotter 
than a furnace! (ironic considering the backdrop!)

But for her to then blend two such complex characters 
in Bastion and Evan and bring them together for 

 Bastion's Storm and Isolated 

and to make that work so perfectly was genius! 
It was like a little piece of heaven for me. 

I love survival stories so much. 
In it's own way this little one equals Surviving Raine 
(one of my favorite books ever) for it's depth 
of story and attention to detail. 
Somehow Shay creates a moment by moment, 
breathtaking, heartfelt read every time 
- no matter the length.

This may be a quick read, but it packs a punch.
 It's unmissable, un... putdownable! and unbelievably 

I loved it! 
I'd never want to spoil the little something that's
 coming to light for these two... 
but OMG it's going to be an explosive next book. 
I can't wait for more!!

Grab it now on Amazon!

~ Thanks so much for writing this one Shay, 
it gave me tingles, laughs and tears - perfection! ~

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