Sunday, March 20, 2016

ARC REVIEW: You Don't Own Me ~ Georgia Le Carre


 I still get a rush of excited anticipation 
when Georgia Le Carre releases a new book!

I can absolutely guarantee that even if the story 
isn't quite to my liking (just that once - ughh! lol!!!) her thought provoking writing, her intelligence, her compelling world view and her beautifully filthy mind will all shine through.

Her books are simply mind blowing; they're must reads every time for me. I'm always on the edge of my seat reading them and this one was no exception. I was totally awestruck by it.

Holy fuck! It's a beautifully crafted lust filled tale... Aleksandr Malenkov will go to any lengths to have the woman he loves 
(and takes me to the edge doing it!!!) 
and Dahlia Fury, the woman he's fallen for, who’s feisty enough to handle his sexy, dirty, dominant, yummy... 
oh and tatted Russian Don ass!! 
Dahlia's also down to earth and streetwise 
enough to make this another brilliant 
rich/poor GLC happy!

Addictive, compulsive reading – I’ll be dropping everything to read the next in the series. 
Aghh!! - I HAVE to know what happens next!!


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