Tuesday, May 24, 2016

SAVIOR by Jessica Gadziala


You need assurances?

I have none of those.

You want labels?

You're mine.

 Jessica Gadziala has done it again with yet another fantastic read! She's fast become one of my favorite authors, I get happily lost in her books as she seems to bring out more and more
in her characters and stories 
with each book she writes. 
For me SAVIOR is the icing on the cake... so far!

I swear, sometimes it's like I can't even breathe when I read her sex scenes. 
Christ, she just perfectly captures every movement, moment by moment, 
every breath and every sound.
 She truly writes little bits of erotic heaven. 

As always, I'm not going to give away the story
 but be assured you'll love the attention to detail 
in this one, even the way that Paine put on a condom and JG says...

'he made short work of 
protecting them both'

was just beautiful and fresh, 
she has such an amazing way with words. 

For me, Paine's entire being was pure sex on a stick, one that I could lick all day long!! 

I just didn't want the book to end.

Gotta give a shout out to Elsie! 

Strong and independent, just the right amount
 of sassy and best of all with an old fashioned
 side to her that likes a man to open a door
 for her or put a hand on her back without her seeming to be in any way passive.

For me that's perfection, 
ensuring these two together were 

 So go grab this one - it can be read as a standalone, but definitely best read as 
part of her AWESOME Savages series

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