Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Looking for a new dark series with 
grit, punch and impossibly hot sex?

Then look no further!
 This one has it all, but it’s definitely 
not for the faint hearted!!!
It's soooo dark, twisted and well written that it's 
hard to tell who can be trusted at this point.
Gemma's found a really clever 
way of having the non-con in the story that 
lets us breathe a sigh of relief for Rafe... I think!

The multiple non-con scenes 
are REALLY tough going, there's no getting away 
from that but they are completely contextual
 within the story and as I always say...

Expect tears. 
(and maybe don't read before bed!!)

It's a difficult read and Gemma 
doesn't leave out details
in fact she excels at being on the mark.
I can only wish you all good luck getting through it 
and tell you that it's definitely worth it.

Rafe will blow you away in this book!
(Quite frankly, 
I'd love an hour or two with him myself!!)

Thank fuck he’s going from anti-hero to hero!
The bad boy done good! You're gonna love him!

 Fast paced and a terrific story,
 I'm already excited about book 3.
I'm expecting an explosive conclusion 
for Rafe and Lex. 
Sqeeeeeee! Can't wait!!

Book 1 Review
(Enjoy yourself!... Click on Rafe's abs!)

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  1. Thanks so much for the review, Cariad! I always enjoy the photos you post. :)

    1. Thanks for another fantastic read Gemma - lol you can't beat a hunk pic!!