Friday, October 25, 2013

Stolen by Jordan Silver


 It's Bam Bam!... but not as we know it!


This man is an absolute animal with a whopping great 10 inch cock.

Dear God whatever ointment he was using to soothe her day in, day out for those 8 years of relentless fucking would be worth its weight in gold! She should have been raw!
 I don't know how she was able to walk most of the time! 
Here's a hint! LOL

However it was amazing how quickly her Stockholm Syndrome passed!...

As always the daddy thing made me queasy, 
that's just not a turn on in this day and age and the story would have been a lot hotter without it. 


Overall it's a totally unashamed non-con, dub-con, dual pov,
 fuckfest read for a couple of hours with believe it or not, a HEA!