Thursday, October 23, 2014

ARC REVIEW: Sociopath ~ Lime Craven

4.25 Stars
Somehow, somewhere between these two crazy lines Lime Craven has written a dark, complex, intriguing love story...

"I don't sleep with clich├ęs."
 Leontine Reeves ~ victim/heroine/crazy ass bitch??!
'Is it bad etiquette to tell a girl you've 
been imagining her pussy since you stole 
the notes from her gynaecologist?'
Aeron Lore ~ sociopath/anti-hero/crazy ass motherfucker??!

Where to start with this review??!!

For me this was more psychological drama than it was erotica - but I think, that was 
the aim? Sometimes creepy, always dark 
and definitely disturbing this read had me from the moment I saw the cover and blurb...!

It's well written, all about the 
details and Lime's seamless mix of 
1st and 2nd person writing was a triumph! 
Probably the best I've read.

I'm still a little bit lost for words... 
 I've never read anything like this! 
It was clever mindfuckery 
with one hell of a twist and we won't 
even mention the scalpel!!

I enjoyed it from start to finish!


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