Saturday, October 11, 2014


Was this really Carian's first book?!!

She made me teary, edgy, loose sleep,
short of breath and then, very happy!
I loved that it was told from Evie's POV.

If you know my reviews then you'll know that I 
don't do cheating reads - it just fucks me off too much when people go behind a friend or partners back. 
So I held my breath for a huge amount of this book 
praying that they wouldn't cheat!!

As the book went on,  I got so into it that I was absolutely routing for a HEA! I've never read a book that moved so carefully and thoughtfully through a potential minefield of cheating - it was fascinating! There were loads of points (like in the truck at the beginning) when I could have 
DNF'd had it gone down the wrong road!! 

They didn't let me down!

Worth mentioning is that this is the first book in a companion series with Vandal (Storm's cousin) 
up next - OMG I can't wait!! 
AND It's going to be a darker read than STORM -
 YES YES YES!! It's almost too much to wait for!!
 I need it now!!

Cheers Carian!!

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