Saturday, October 4, 2014

TRUST ~ Terry Towers

This is one powerful dark read.

Just about everything evil and nasty 
is thrown into this story of survival against a backdrop of human trafficking.
It's not a book that can be read easily. 
The rape, torture, degradation and 
murder of some of the girls is played 
out fully and sickeningly.
~ You have been warned! ~

I was riveted from the start, it's hard to believe that T.T. managed to create believable love story from what was essentially a horrific tale of 
cruelty, depravity and greed. 
The Hero of the story Lance had me 
hook, line and sinker his character played out well for me - Gwen's, not so much. 
I struggled a bit with how her 
character fell so quickly 
(I need more of a fight from the h) 
and seemed to be somewhat relaxed, laughing etc in between living in a disgusting cage??? hmm???

But, manage it she did!

It is a story of hope and revenge
and although I'm not one for spoilers 
I've got to say 
~~ WOW, that was perfect! ~~

Thanks very much to 
Terry Towers 
for offering us the ARC.

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