Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Reason To Breathe ~ C.P. Smith

Sizzling Hot - New Alpha Alert!

Some books stay with us long after we've read them. 
For me this, was one those books. 

Underneath the unassuming cover is a small slice of heaven.

Everything I needed from 
Jenn, a beautiful, feisty, independant leading lady 
to Jack a possessive, protective, dominant alpha male
along with a great, fast paced addictive story was here.
I think that from the moment Jack spoke I was a goner!

Here's why this book is a contender for my 2014 book of the year...

Have I sold you yet?!

Because even if this was to be 
your only erotic read this year, then

~ A Reason To Breathe ~

will leave you happily breathless


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