Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Uncockblockable by Shay Savage

Uncockblockable (Evan Arden Trilogy, #2.5)

Fuck it!
It's short but I loved it!
And a book hasn't made me laugh this much in a while, 

so much so I'm giving it 5 stars!!

Meet Nick Wolfe - he's 'that guy', the one we all crave...
AND the one that knows it!


He's hot, funny, sexy - a total twat to woman... but we love him! 

That is until he meets Milena and she turns his world upside down.
She's definitely his match!

A great spin-off, beautifully written
and genuinely the best first person, male POV that I've read in a long time.

Shay completed captured this uncockblockable man!
Nick could melt chocolate by looking at it!

Great HEA 
I'm straight onto book 3 for more of Evan Arden!


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