Friday, January 24, 2014

Angel After Dark ~ Kahlen Aymes

 For the first book of a new series,  we're off to a great start!
I'm positive this series will be hitting me with a full 5 star read next!
I'll be astonished if it doesn't!

I've given this one 4 Stars for two reasons.
 It is a slow burner. And it's a full 55% before there's any action!
The great storyline had me transfixed though so I was done in two sessions!

That being said as they're a couple from then on,
my instinct is that book two will be hotter than hell!

"You're all I fucking think about!
Everything I never knew I wanted."

I absolutely loved the banter between Alex & Angel 
and quite honestly the advice she was giving on her radio show
was advice that at some point we should all listen too! 

For you Kahlen.
Dark Chocolate Calla Lilies
Thankyou for introducing me to them! 

Can count me in on reading book 2!
I want much more of this well written, suspense filled story. 


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