Wednesday, March 26, 2014

ARC REVIEW ~~ Monster ~~ by Francette Phal

“You are mine, Eden. Till death do us part.”

In the best traditions of a dark psychological read, Monster takes us on a journey through 
Eden and Dominic Armstrong’s fucked up marriage.

If you’re a fan of Aleatha Romig’s Consequences series then this also should be your cup of tea.

He stood there like the devil incarnate, 
the tautness of his features 
and the barely restrained hold 
he had on his fury put the fear of that devil 
at Eden’s core. 
He looked murderous. 

There were some truly 
beautiful lines that I devoured.

“I am not worthy of you, 
but how can I live when you hold my heart 
in your hands, Eden?”

I loved the story, I loved Dominic’s realization 
of the person he’d become and his transformation.
I had book butterflies from many of the scenes.

“If you won’t let me fuck you, then let me taste you.” 
The primitive growl of his voice was unrecognizable as he breathed against her mouth only to astonish her when he lowered himself before her. 
“Just a taste…”
 He sounded tortured, agonized, like life in that moment was contingent on her acquiescence. It shouldn't have been a very difficult choice at all, and any other woman, a stronger, saner woman, would've denied him this request, yet Eden found that she could not lie to herself in that instant, not when every atom in her body strained for his touch. 
In his all-consuming gaze, she saw her own weakness. 

Words were not meant for this moment
 but the way he looked at her, 
like hunger was his first name and devouring her was his sole purpose in life, spoke well enough for them both. 

“It matters,” he called after her 
and stupidly she turned to find him standing right in front of her. “What?” 
“Your happiness,” he began roughly, “it matters.” 

But, I have to review honestly and there were a couple of things in this great read that I didn't love, 
hence the 4 stars , that should have been a 5 for me.

 The third person POV drove me nuts from very early on.
 It was such a personal read that I would have preferred both views 
to have been written in the 1st person.

And don't get me started on some 
of the descriptions used for Eden such as

the macchiato river of her flat belly

led to the bare ocean of her salted caramel pussy


Believe it or not, 
I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this book.
I'm undoubtedly going to read many more of
Francette Phal's books, I was lost in it 
for many happy hours and feel sure that 
I'll be giving one of her reads 5 stars.

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