Sunday, March 23, 2014

Safe in His Arms by Renee Rose ...A spanking good read!


It is what it is and for those looking for lots of this...

  ...then look no further!

But it's more than just that! This book is smart! It stays intriguing, fast paced and kinky 
but also there's this great passion and love building between them.

Zac is the sort of Alpha that loves to dominate (but on a really fair level) 
and I love how hot, sexy, dark, intelligent and loving he is. And Becca is strong and feisty... 
with a kinky side that craves him!

It's just works and they work it out - their conversations are intelligent, I enjoyed their banter - what more could I have asked for considering that I couldn't put it down!

Thanks Netgalley for approving me and thanks RR for a great story :)