Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Bossman by Renee Rose

 “Just don’t leave me,” he whispered.

Fuck! I fell completely for Joey La Torre. 
He felt genuine and real. I don't know if it was the Mob 
or the Italian angle - I just adored his character. 
It was probably both!

She gave a surprised laugh. “You are so full of shit, La Torre.”
“It’s not shit, it’s the God’s honest truth.
I’ve had it for you since the moment I saw you.
I’d marry you today, if you’d have me.”

 I can't believe how much I loved Eden too. 
Feisty, cold and cutting, 
every bone in her was fighting him.
God, I loved that. There was no insta-love on her part.

“It’s our last date, not our next date,” she called after him.

 I've never read a spanking book that went so deep. 
I really enjoyed the banter between Eden and Joey but more than that
 I enjoyed reading a story about domestic discipline that wasn't up it's own ass, 
It felt natural and right and many of the scenes were blistering hot.

 Renee Rose writes spanking love stories, beautifully.
I look forward to more!

“Jesus, yourself, Joey!” she yelled back. 
“Why don’t you just spank me and get it over with?” 
“I’m going to,” he thundered. 
“But I’m too angry to touch you right now!” 

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