Wednesday, July 2, 2014

ARC REVIEW: One Night Promised ~ Jodi Ellen Malpas

JEM is never going to be able to please 
all of us smutsters, all of the time! 
So I can confidently say that if you’re 
looking for another Jesse Ward... 
run now!

Hmm... Or not!!

M grew on me with his 
intensity and complexity and 
without  hardly showing an Alpha side 
to his nature. When he did show it,
 it was bordering on cruel, 
his Alpha side is deep, dark and intense .

“I’ll never do anything less than worship you,” 

“This beautiful, pure girl has fallen 
in love with the big bad wolf.”

 So I love him...
“I promise that I’ll always make you feel this special.” 
He brings his fingers to my mouth and runs the moisture across my lips.
 “No one will ever taste that, except me and you.”

But he’s going to be hard work!

This amazingly different man has made 
JEM’s new series even better for me. 
How much easier would it have been for her to 
just replicate The Lord of the Manor? 

LOL - Not for herself, for us!!

I mean, don’t we all dream that ELJ 
will give us another Christian Grey?

Personally, I think that it would have been too easy! 
I want to meet all the men 
in JEM's creative, dirty, rebellious mind!
That's what makes this book a triumph for me. 

It’s honest, well written, beautifully detailed,
 complex and very... 

AND it’s got a motherfucker of a
 cliffy that had me on the edge of my seat 
praying there’d be another 50 pages to turn! 

But what else can an author do at the end of a book one?!!  It’s what the edge of our seats were made for! 

Besides, I love a great cliffy and the last 10% of
 this book took it from AMAZING to 
FUCKING AWESOME in my opinion!!

By the time we've all read it, 
I think they’ll be very definite teams formed! 

Personally I’m TEAM LIVY all the way! 

Oh. My. God. 
She is PERFECT for M and by the end 
(when I seriously wanted to throttle him!) 
I was routing for her like a motherfucker myself! 

What she does, why she does it, how she does it 
was so freaking good it floored me!!
 I was 100% with her! 
I’d have done the same. 

I've also got to write about my love for the entire 
cast of characters in ONP! I've NEVER read such 
an altogether fabulous cast! I LOVE THEM ALL!! 
Everyone should have family and friends like Livy’s!

I'll be dropping everything for book 2!

It’s been my absolute honor and pleasure 
to read an ARC for JEM. 
Thank you so much for being so terrific!

“Every time I take you, you’ll remember it. 
Each and every moment will be etched on that beautiful mind of yours forever.” He kisses my neck sweetly and squeezes a little tighter. 

“Every kiss. Every touch. Every word. Because that’s how it is for me.”

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