Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Worth by Shay Savage

Worth (Bend Anthology)

4.5 hot Roman stars!

No one does historic erotica like Shay Savage. 
Set in Roman times, to me it felt realistic, 
without being over the top.

I pushed at the top of my subligarium, 
 releasing my turgid shaft.

That's a classy line if ever I read one! 
But so is this...

Total yum!

You see the period in time doesn't matter 
in a Shay Savage read,it's all about her Alpha's. 
Meet Lucius Aurelius Faustus.


I think you're going to love him!!

Shay writes from the male POV like no other author.
In my opinion she hasn't written a bad book EVER.
I love them all.


Stunning read - highly recommended 
if you fancy something a bit different!

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