Thursday, July 17, 2014

ARC REVIEW (spoiler free!): ~~ Hopeful ~~ Louise Bay

I feel a bit daft! I had no idea I was reading book 2! 
I suppose the good news is that these are standalone reads and so there's no harm in going backwards!

First off I'm giving this a Sizzling Pages

A Brit author Louise Bay and a book set in London.
I loved the past/present format of this book. 
Without a doubt it's the best I've ever seen it done. 
It was seamless and clear, I never once lost the 
feel for which period of time I was reading. 
Both were outstanding in my opinion.

Meet Ava 
Written from her POV this second chance love story 
is cleverly unraveled. It's hot and it's heartfelt. 

I really got Ava, she's complex and forgot that her happiness was equally as important as the happiness of those around her. But in order for her to please everyone (in her mind) and because she didn't believe that anyone would be happy for her, she hid her feelings for 8 years, thinking that she'd lost the only man she'd ever loved forever.


Meet Joel
  I have no words for him! 
I don't understand why he didn't ring, text, email 
or get on a fucking plane home to Ava 
- the woman he'd loved right back -
for those same 8 years!! 
What an asshole!

And right there is my lost half star!
We really need a novella from Joel's POV to sort this because other than that I REALLY  liked him !

AND! I suppose if he had then we wouldn't 
have a story, so...! For me, this intriguing book 
is written and played out beautifully! 
The story was gripping.

One of my favorite things to read are private emails 
and texts between the characters! (Yes, like FSOG!)
So I really loved them in this book. 
I also loved their perfect format 
which is so often a frigging mess in e-books!

The conversation and banter throughout is fantastic.
 I've held my breath whilst reading this book.
 I've had tears and I've had tingles - I've laughed too.
A romance can't give us much more than that.

Thanks so much Louise for offering us the book
 in return for an (as always) honest review.


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