Friday, July 11, 2014

Year Abroad #1 ~ Awakening by Nadia M. Joliet

Awakening (Year Abroad series, part 1)

Fuck me!! I'm giving this a 5!! 
I wouldn't normally for such a quickie, 
so let me tell you why...

Because oh. My. Fucking God apart from being 
well written and making me feel the Australia dream, 
there's a scene at the end that is 
off the freaking charts hot, dirty and erotic!!

You made a seasoned erotica reader VERY happy!!
awwh shucks you made me blush

High five Nadia - I can't wait for part 2!!
bulldog high five

Jesus I didn't expect it to be that dirty!! 

LOL Total yum... thanks Nadia!!

This link is for parts 1 - 4


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