Saturday, July 12, 2014

Sizzling ARC REVIEW: IRREVOCABLE ~ Skye Callahan

I was getting attached to a man I barely knew, 
in an impossible situation. 
I knew it. But, I couldn't pull away.

The only way out was to bring
them all down or die trying.

I really, REALLY enjoyed this gripping book.
It’s a dark, erotic suspense that I loved 
and yet found incredibly disturbing. 
It does include forced sex
and came with this warning...
This isn't your rainbows and love sonnets kind of romance.
This story explores topics of abduction and slavery, and contains 
explicit scenes of dubious consent, graphic violence and sex.

We read some books, 
but completely feel others. 
This one consumed me. 

I absolutely loved how Silver kept her head 
whilst under immense pressure.

“Want me to remove the plug now or after dinner,” 
he asked. 
I stared back wondering what the hell I was supposed 
to say. Please, Master, I love it so much, let me keep it? 
I couldn't believe people got off on this shit, 
although the ones who did were probably 
in very different situations...

All too often the captive is so immediately 
turned on and wet that it becomes unrealistic - 
this felt real from start to finish. 
I had tears in my eyes throughout some of the darker scenes, it was only Silver's determination to survive that got me through whilst holding my breath!

I will say that OMG the vaginal fisting 
was possibly a bit too real!!

LOL... probably best not to include THAT gif!! ; )

We don't get enough standalone reads of this quality.
It felt full and rounded - complete. 
The story is breathtakingly paced to please. 
The detail packed into it took me right there with them,
I lost sleep - that's always a great sign!

It has that stunning and captivating Dark Duet feel but 
it's definitely darker and perfect as a standalone read.

There's a fantastic twist in the story (that I won't spoil)
but I will say that I loved Kirk more for it! 
And what a HEA!

I've not read a Skye Callahan book before. 
Her style of writing is incredibly detailed - 
the way I love a book to be written.
Thank you Skye for generously gifting us the ARC. 

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