Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Submitting to the Billionaire: A Dark Billionaire Romance by Georgia Le Carre


That was absolutely terrific!!! 
So happy to see the pre-order arrive! on my Kindle!

Gripping from start to finish and filthy on a level that I adore
...You know what I mean!!!

Beautifully written as only Georgia Le Carre can write. 
LOL I can spot her conspiracy theorist mind from a mile off!!

The story is elegant, sexy and totally dirty (or rather DIRTY!!!
but as always, she keeps it real...or as real as one can keep a billionaire's love story!

Book 2 will be a drop everything read for me, 
I love this genre from GLC, 
she writes smart smut to the nth degree

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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

PRIDE ~ by Sienna Valentine {The Brody Bunch Series #1}

Overall this should be a decent 4 star read 
(especially based on it being a shortish one) 
but it hit one of my 
5 star criteria* so fuck it!!!...
5 stars it is! 

I really enjoyed the story, there was something about the whole Amish girl/bad boy angle that totally worked. Being a Brit and having nothing like the Amish over here probably doesn't hurt either as I'll admit their way of life fascinates me in a good way - sometimes I just crave a simpler life but, perhaps in reality not that simple!!

 What really sold this one for me was finding tears on my face and hearing myself sob out loud during a scene where they were making love. It was so beautiful and intense, I was consumed by it. 
It wasn't even a really long scene, but it touched me. 
Don't you just love it when that happens? 
I've reread it three times and the intensity between 
Reid and Sarah is totally genuine and heartfelt, 
I loved it - the bad boy did good! 

I had never believed in souls. 
But there, in Sarah's arms, 
I was utterly convinced she 
had just touched mine.

OMG, be still my beating heart, that's one beautiful thought from Reid.

 I'm sold for the 2nd and 3rd books in the series.
Thanks SV! 

*For info, my five star criteria thoughts.

 If a book grips me emotionally by making me really laugh out loud throughout, sob or cry my heart out, hate loving it so much I could break my Kindle over it, makes me that good kind of anxious so much so that I need the end to come faster to see how it turns out because I'm so far over the edge of my seat that I'm likely to fall off, then it's a 5! If it makes me loose sleep (or be late for work!!) or feel so gripped that I can't put it down, or gives me major book butterflies, so overwhelming me that I'm compelled to keep going back over the good bits, never wanting them to end, then it's a 5!! 
And of course nothing feels better than when a book makes me breathless with happy erotic excitement wow, the joy of that makes our life in books such an awesome one that we really do need more stars!!!

Thursday, July 14, 2016


It'd be criminal to not start this review by stating my love for Georgia Le Carre's books!! I think other than one at a 4.5 all of them have been solid 5 star reads for me. 

I'm passionate about them. 
They totally have my heart.


HOWEVER!!...I'm not going to lie!!
My star off is for the first 15% ish of this one which honestly threw me off course.


I couldn't get a single shred of my beloved 
Georgia Le Carre in the writing or story and having read every one of her books and knowing within two pages that it's one of hers, I found this a bit off putting. 
Gone are the conspiracy theories, quotes, smart headers (the 'OMG...' chapter headers were just awful), poems, deep, deep smooth beautiful writing 
and even the odd joke! 
The story itself didn't feel 
as if it was going to be strong at that point 
and for me that was a proper WTF hour...


It is a GLC (and admittedly Laura Jack who I haven't read) so I had to push through the pissy mood it was putting me in and PHEW!!! I'm really glad that I did!! 

Although this isn't billed as a dark read, I did initially find the premise quite dark, super fan turns stalker gets job with the family in order to get close to the H, but as I read it, it came to life in a much lighter way and I had to remember that the h was a kid when she was heavily into him - so all was well and Cash's beautiful bad boy turns good man attitude won me over.


And when it got hot, it got sizzling!!!

Overall, it is a really good book - one that I read in a 
couple of sessions and couldn't put down in the end.