Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Beg Me ~ Shiloh Walker


Once, Tania Sinclair’s life was almost perfect…oh, it had its ups and downs but she was happily married to a guy that adored her, one who had no problem indulging every kinky fantasy she ever had. But a couple of tragedies later, she’s barely holding it together. 

A car accident took away her husband, and an attack from somebody she should 
have been able to trust has shaken not only her confidence, but it’s also 
stripped away her fantasies and even made it painful to look back 
on her memories of her husband without fear.

Two years after her attack, Tania is determined to take her life back and the first step 
is taking back herself…her fantasies, her dreams, her memories. 
There’s only one person she can trust to do it, too. One person she wants enough…Drake Bennett, her husband’s best friend.

Falling for your best friend’s wife—never smart. Drake’s watched Tania quietly for years, watched her…wanted her, knowing he’d never have her. First, she was taken. And then, that night two years ago—a night that still scars her, a night that’s left 
bruises on her that still haven’t healed. He does what he can, though, 
because he loves her too much not to. He’s her friend, there when she needs him.

And now she needs him. 
She’s asked him for a favor…one that just about blows his mind…


Not for everyone but, OMG I loved it. Standalone with a great HEA!


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

ARC REVIEW ~ Uncovering You # 2 SUBMISSION by Scarlett Edwards

This incredibly dark story continues 
with Lilly having no real chance of survival
  unless she signs Jeremy's contract.
It feels like life or death.

It's hard to read and not feel 
anger, sadness, empathy 
and a host of other emotions, 
especially toward Jeremy. 

I'm quite sure that's why it's rating 
so highly with me, 
a book should make us feel it. 
I have no idea how this read 
will finish with a HEA!!! Perhaps it won't? 
Personally I'd stab the bastard.
So why wasn't it a 5 star read?
That's easy... the pointless f/f/f scene. 
If anything, that took away from the quality 
and dark tone of this excellent read.
 It felt clumsy and made little sense 
considering her situation.
I hated it for making the book tacky.

e are some dividers you may want to use'

I'll be all over Uncovering You 3 
due out on May 10, 2014

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Sunday, April 13, 2014

ARC REVIEW ~~ Finding Autumn ~~ A Novella by Beth Michelle


I really wanted this little one to work for me. 
I had such high hopes.

There's no doubting that the hot bits are hot 
and the writing is fine, it's just that (for me) 
the improbability of the situation 
at the train station and on the train 
took it into the realms of...

I just never got over those first chapters in order
to enjoy the rest of the book! 
I'm gutted, I really am.

Had they been long lost lovers meeting up again, 
high school sweethearts that 'always wished they had' 
any probable scenario - then I'd have given this 4 stars.

This book has great reviews 
so don't be put off by my thoughts!
This may be exactly the book that you're looking for!

 I generally I love erotic fantasy, 
but I just couldn't get past the fact that this all happened in daylight and within a few minutes of them meeting in a book that wasn't billed as fantasy. She was cheaper (and possibly quicker!) than a $10 whore when it came to opening her legs. Bloody hell not even coffee first??!!
It was just ridiculous IMO.