Saturday, March 21, 2015

ARC REVIEW: HARD by Cheryl McIntyre

“Nobody can take your misery away, 
that’s yours to keep all your own. 
 Find the person who can make you 
forget you were miserable in the first place.”


'Hard' to know where to start with this one! 
This seems like a good place though!

The story touched me deeply throughout. 
First the prologue blew me away - it was as if we 
needed to experience Holland's complete abject 
tragedy and everything else that got the ball rolling,
 in order to appreciate how she got to the point
 of literally driving away from her life.

She I barely survived that prologue!! 

Some would have had a breakdown and some would 
have committed suicide - Holland chose to simply drive away. No arguments, no debates, not waiting for apologies or reasons from her husband 
or her best friend, she just went

Let's face it, in a fight or flight (non-violent) situation at home most of us would break down and cry, or stand 
there and want to kill their best friend and husband for 
what they'd done (especially following everything else 
that had already happened) and most of us wouldn't 
have the strength to leave with nothing but the clothes 
on our backs, but Holland had nothing left to give, 
nothing left to say and nothing left to live for - so why not?

It really was a stunning prologue - 
At this point I'm thinking it'll calm down now - surely?!!

But no, Cheryl McIntyre took me on one hell of a journey back to happiness - OMG I knew from her brilliant Dirty series that she was an amazing writer and storyteller but this was completely unexpected. Holland doesn't just 
meet a good man and it's all over or a 'normal' man and they settle down... or even a rich
 'sweep me off my feet' kind of a man. 
NO, Holland meets Jensen... 
And he's a whole other ball game!
I'd never heard of Scopophilia, 
 let me tell you, it makes for VERY interesting erotica!! LOL 
Jensen and Holland embark on a no holds barred relationship based on his obsession with her 
and her needing to feel... something, anything 
and ultimately everything. It was just beautiful.

I mean, one wouldn't (on an every day basis) set 
ourselves up for danger, but Holland isn't like the rest 
of us, she truly doesn't care if she lives or dies so
nothing she does with Jensen at this point could hurt her more than she's already hurting - so why not throw
herself head first into it... 
Jesus, it was explosive. It was like she was being followed, fantasied over and fucked by a man that 
could have been a serial killer! But as she didn't care 
if she lived or died, then what difference did it make? 

She thought that it was just one night to forget the  numbness she felt. Holland doesn't expect to find 
a passionate


happily ever after

And this is where dual POV's work REALLY well. 
I absolutely loved the moment by moment flow of them.
Moving between his and her thoughts 
with just a breath between them
 - it created so much passion and excitement.
 God, I held my breath each time the POV changed craving and then devouring each of their thoughts.

 I loved both pov's equally, they were
 fascinating and beautiful.

This entire book is delicate, intricate, scary, profound and yet real. Its sensuality and eroticism is so 'grown up' in its approach. It really has blown me away.
I also love how well it's written. 
It's intense and beautiful... pure eroticism. 

And there's a whole other side to it when Jensen's issue comes to light that left me from 89% to the end in tears... not going to give it away but this gif will give you a hint! 

All in all, a brilliant read - 
I loved it 'HARD'.
Can't wait for more from this amazing author.

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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Isolated {Evan Arden #4} by Shay Savage

I doubt very much that you're reading this 
unless you're already into the series 
and a fan of Shay's exquisite stories. 
So you'll already know it's going to be
perfectly written, beautifully executed and hotter 
than a furnace! (ironic considering the backdrop!)

But for her to then blend two such complex characters 
in Bastion and Evan and bring them together for 

 Bastion's Storm and Isolated 

and to make that work so perfectly was genius! 
It was like a little piece of heaven for me. 

I love survival stories so much. 
In it's own way this little one equals Surviving Raine 
(one of my favorite books ever) for it's depth 
of story and attention to detail. 
Somehow Shay creates a moment by moment, 
breathtaking, heartfelt read every time 
- no matter the length.

This may be a quick read, but it packs a punch.
 It's unmissable, un... putdownable! and unbelievably 

I loved it! 
I'd never want to spoil the little something that's
 coming to light for these two... 
but OMG it's going to be an explosive next book. 
I can't wait for more!!

Grab it now on Amazon!

~ Thanks so much for writing this one Shay, 
it gave me tingles, laughs and tears - perfection! ~

Monday, March 9, 2015

ARC REVIEW: Vandal {Ashes & Embers #2} by Carian Cole

“Loving me will not be easy, loving me will be war. You will hold the gun and I will hand you the bullets. So breathe, and embrace the beauty of the massacre that lies ahead.”
 - R. M. Drake

I love that quote so much 

"Without you, I wouldn't want to live, Tabitha. That’s where I was when we met. I wanted to die, just like you did. I was slowly trying to kill myself. I was drinking all the time, and taking pills, cutting myself, torturing myself.I got kicked out of the band. My life was destroyed, and I didn't give a shit."

Wow! The quotes above pretty much tell you everything you need to know going into this one!
It also means that this isn't 
the easiest book for me to review. 
It's a darker read than Storm - it packed a lot in. 
I'm pretty sure that had the story line been simpler and a bit more loving I could have hit a 4.5/5, 
but it is what it is and it didn't really ignite me 
the way that I hoped it would.

I think my biggest problem (and the dropped star) was that Vandal Valentine just wasn't my cup of tea. Between him being a millionaire, Dom wanting a 24/7 sub, (from a woman that he should have been much more honest and decent with) 
a rock star, a tattoo artist, 
self harming control freak with 
a bad attitude toward his friends and family 
(no wonder they didn't seem to be around much!) but above all a grieving father 
- it was almost too much for me - like everything and the kitchen sink was thrown at it.
I think prefer the main character to be one or two 
of the above and that the plot follow just one or two paths? I don't know? But all of that took a bit away from the story for me. I think if you love Vandal, you'll fall hard for him. Personally I preferred Storm.

I don't think there's a way to explain how I feel about the story line without major spoilers and going into how strange I found Tabi's behavior
(like not wanting to know Vandal's name/band etc 
 I don't know a single woman on the planet that wouldn't want to know those things)

Overall, I enjoy this authors way with words 
she's a talented lady - I sincerely hope that this book does well and that 4 stars puts me in the minority. I wanted this to be a 5 star read so badly!

My Storm Review...

Quick mention for Sterling the blind cat 
(and star of the book!)
I really, REALLY loved his inclusion, his story 
and that the real life Sterling is being looked after. 
He's definitely a 10!!
Well done Carian for helping him 
with a portion of sales from the book.

click the pic to go to Sterling's page!

 In exchange for an honest review 

Friday, March 6, 2015

ARC REVIEW ~~~ EDEN #2 by Georgia Le Carre

'Some may call it love. I don’t.'

Have to say - loving these covers!

Jake looks as tasty as that apple!!

And... I'm in shock again!! 

I'm not going to spill a single bean about this story,
if you want to read a series that's start to finish 

and you trust that I'm saying that from the heart then...

And if you haven't already, get book 1 too!!!
Here's my review with a buy link 

I don't even know how GLC writes so well?!! 

'His eyes drop from my face down to the show between my legs. He watches my actions avidly, greedily. I never thought it would be, but it is an incredible turn-on. I feel dirty, and slutty, and shameless and absolutely fucking vibrant.'

It's like a 3D experience, 
you're totally there with the characters. 
I almost pee'd myself at 85%!!

Honest to God, When Jake said not to lie 
as he touched his finger to Lily's lips,
 a full on shiver went through me. 

Wow! I need to be close to a defibrillator when 

I'm reading (or rather feeling!) her books!!

As much a learning experience as a great read! 

Without a doubt this should be a TV mini series, 
it'd be amazing! That fight scene alone was...WOW!

I loved the Billionaire Banker reference too - CLEVER!

I think this author is amongst the smartest 
smut writers on the planet, mostly definitely 

on this side of the Atlantic! 

Her attention to detail is genius.

I seriously cannot wait for book 3, 

I need a perfect HEA for Jake and Lily but I've no idea 
how Georgia will pull that off considering the storyline!!!

'By design this man was made for me, yet I cannot have him.'

Agghhhh!! I'm excited already!