Tuesday, August 25, 2015

RELEASED (Caged #3) by Shay Savage @Savage7289

Oblivion is a sweet, sweet place.

No pain. No disturbing thoughts of the past. 
No guilt from my recent actions.

I’ve hit rock bottom, and I don’t even know which way is up any more.

"My mind is officially blown!!" ~ Cariad

Liam isn't a Hero in the sense we've come
 to know them. He's hard work and
he'll take you over the cliff with him.

But my God he's worth it! 

You won't be able to put this book down so prepare to be as out of control as he is, if this book doesn't make you cry - nothing will.

Severe PTSD consumes Liam after 10 years of not dealing with the trauma of losing his loved ones so tragically.
The question is, could his love for Tria save him? I'm not going to give anything away but I actually found some of my favorite parts of this book were with Erin his therapist (and what a twist that was!) it was fascinating not only as part of a story to work through his therapy with him, but on a personal level she said some thing's that we can all take on board.
 I loved that.

I've found this crazy series completely intriguing, I'm not even sure that it would have worked had it not been so well written. I can't say that I laughed much throughout the series - but it made me cry buckets 
and contemplate often. 

It felt so incredibly desperate at times, I was loving that I was on the edge of my seat throughout. 

Grab them now Shay fans!
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Thanks so much Shay for sharing 
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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Trapped (Caged #2) by Shay Savage @Savage7289

"This story is going to blow your mind!!" ~Shay Savage

OMG it has mine, that's for sure! 
I always expect the unexpected 
with a Shay Savage read, I mean phenomenal doesn't even touch her style of writing, male pov's, characters and creativity but how she creates such amazing stories is beyond me!!

This intense series is like nothing I've read before. I'm absolutely loving it but I think this book will be a little bit controversial for some readers? There's a lot going on! 
Wild sub plots, tears, joy, drama for both Liam and Tria - this one has it all. 
It'll lead to a stunning finale I'm sure, but the journey to get there... 
fuck! it's shocking!! (no spoilers!)

Weirdly, as believe it or not, that's not a selfie!! This gif is pretty close to my actual expression for that last page!!
LOL Good job I love a cliffhanger 
that's all I'm saying!!! Well, that and like 
a junkie needing my Caged fix I want 
book 3 to be out VERY SOON!!

Grab 1 & 2 now 
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Thanks so much Shay for sharing 
your ARC with Sizzling Pages 

It's always an honor to review for you.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

PRIEST by Sierra Simone

A beautifully written, thought provoking book that 
I'm going to lay it all out on the line for!

From the moment I read these words 

~ choose love above all else ~

the book changed for me and I was gripped. It was quite profound, like a truth I'd always known but never said. I desperately wanted Tyler to do that. I knew that he loved Poppy, that they loved each other, but in my mind I pleaded from that moment on for him 
to choose her, above all else, choose love

What if I could trade vengeance for love? That was what Christians were called to do, after all, choose love above all else.
The word was a bomb. An unexploded bomb living inside my chest. 

I wasn't sure if he would or where the story would go but with tears in my eyes every bone in me kept thinking 'God he just MUST!!' 
Almost with an angry caveat of

“I could never hate you.” 
Even if I made you choose between me and your god?” 

It's such an intense book that I knew 
that I would have a seriously bad tantrum if he didn't.
With quotes like this:
“I want you so badly that I can taste blood when I think about it. But I won’t be the reason you lose your life”  

Agghhhh!! My Kindle was in mortal danger!!! 

 I'm not religious, so for me it's incomprehensible that one could choose the love of any religion over the love of their person - their soul mate. Ughhh, it was intense!! So although this book ran from intensely dull (I'm sorry but that's how I felt about the very religious bits - I didn't get them, I completely respect that others do though - that ignorance is entirely on me) to intensely hot and also had parts that angered me, but I seriously want to FEEL what I read so 
it was one heck of an experience. 
I was overwhelmed by this story, I had to finish it compulsively because (for fuck sake!!!) 

She wants a full life, I told God silently. She wanted a life with marriage and kids, a life where love could be just as present as work and family and friends, a life where she didn’t have to hide. And who could blame her? What am I supposed to do? God didn’t answer.

It definitely helped that the book is amazingly 
written - I felt it HARD. The deliciously hot, 
seriously dirty scenes between Poppy and Tyler 
(with that forbidden taboo twist of him being a priest) left me breathless. His dirty mouth, his huge cock, 
his powerful body and his need to be rough, hard, dominant and filthy to the core with her - matched only by her absolute need, want and desperation for all of the above left me in jaw dropping awe. 
A superbly written, intense, 
controversial but beautiful read.