Monday, October 27, 2014

ARC REVIEW: Miss Congeniality by Marie Garner

When this one was offered to 
our blog I all but screamed

That blurb called me hard!!
(I must be going soft!)

I mean,  you know me,
I'm all about the dark and taboo,
 the suspense filled and kinkier reads!!.. 

I  quite enjoyed the simple, soft 
sway of this romantic angst free story. 

There's plenty of terrific sweet moments and I did love, that they were in love!

Miss Congeniality is one of those 
perfect HEA romances that warms 
your heart, has a good story 
and is spiced up with lots of
 hot sex scenes (eek... if slightly repetitive)... 

 So why not 5 stars...?

I've got to be honest (but this is just my opinion)

I'm knocking a bit off for the crazy POV mix that 
persisted throughout the book, the constant changes between 1st and 3rd person drove me nuts! 

But that's on me, it may not bother anyone else.

Also, I’d have loved Lance to have been 
even more of a bossy Alpha male. 
At times he made me roll my eyes in annoyance!

 I felt it was a bit too long for what it was,

  the book slowed to a meander in places. 

(about 20% was unnecessary IMO) 

However,  overall the story worked and I think 

it’ll be a big hit for fans of Marie Garner.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

ARC REVIEW: Sociopath ~ Lime Craven

4.25 Stars
Somehow, somewhere between these two crazy lines Lime Craven has written a dark, complex, intriguing love story...

"I don't sleep with clich├ęs."
 Leontine Reeves ~ victim/heroine/crazy ass bitch??!
'Is it bad etiquette to tell a girl you've 
been imagining her pussy since you stole 
the notes from her gynaecologist?'
Aeron Lore ~ sociopath/anti-hero/crazy ass motherfucker??!

Where to start with this review??!!

For me this was more psychological drama than it was erotica - but I think, that was 
the aim? Sometimes creepy, always dark 
and definitely disturbing this read had me from the moment I saw the cover and blurb...!

It's well written, all about the 
details and Lime's seamless mix of 
1st and 2nd person writing was a triumph! 
Probably the best I've read.

I'm still a little bit lost for words... 
 I've never read anything like this! 
It was clever mindfuckery 
with one hell of a twist and we won't 
even mention the scalpel!!

I enjoyed it from start to finish!


Saturday, October 11, 2014


Was this really Carian's first book?!!

She made me teary, edgy, loose sleep,
short of breath and then, very happy!
I loved that it was told from Evie's POV.

If you know my reviews then you'll know that I 
don't do cheating reads - it just fucks me off too much when people go behind a friend or partners back. 
So I held my breath for a huge amount of this book 
praying that they wouldn't cheat!!

As the book went on,  I got so into it that I was absolutely routing for a HEA! I've never read a book that moved so carefully and thoughtfully through a potential minefield of cheating - it was fascinating! There were loads of points (like in the truck at the beginning) when I could have 
DNF'd had it gone down the wrong road!! 

They didn't let me down!

Worth mentioning is that this is the first book in a companion series with Vandal (Storm's cousin) 
up next - OMG I can't wait!! 
AND It's going to be a darker read than STORM -
 YES YES YES!! It's almost too much to wait for!!
 I need it now!!

Cheers Carian!!