Thursday, May 28, 2015

ARC Review: Hypnotized by Georgia Le Carre

Poss 3.75 for me - see review!

Not much beats a Georgia Le Carre read!
She writes smart smut that I love to devour.

 It's always so much more than a simple romance. For women that need a bit more to think about in their erotica than just the erotic bits, she's the perfect author! I spend a fair portion of each of her books googling the detail and content of them! I always learn something new and I love that. 

Hypnotized is a standalone, darkly fascinating story set in London. It tells the tale of Lady Olivia Swanson who's lost her memory and Dr Marlow Kane the Neurologist turned Hypnotist that heals herThere is an abuse element in
the story told through Olivia's thoughts and Marlow's hypnosis of her, but none of it is crass or overwhelming. Georgia oozes class into her work so it's never going to be nasty.

And as always with a GLC when it gets hot... gets 
Oh yes!!

I'm reviewing at a 3.75 to a 4 because it does have a melancholic feel (Particularly in the the first half) that I personally don't ever thrive on. I can appreciate a story with melancholy, but I never feel a connection with the characters of this kind of read (when there's gloom involved) even dark erotica isn't necessarily gloomy - for me, funny erotica will win out every time.

Cue my Blind Obsession by Elle Frank review/thoughts... 

A brilliant author but Ughhh two years on and I'm still not over how depressing that book was for me!! 

I found in this story that I was much more fascinated by Marlow's history than Olivia's. Not quite sure that that was the plan for this book but the letters from his wife were so bitter and shocking, so twisted that it felt like the ultimate revenge and I wanted to explore that more. You have to get all the way to the HEA ending to understand his history fully - making this a worthwhile read that I hope you'll give a chance to.

Loved the joke again Georgia! I've repeated it a dozen times to friends! LOL who knew bestiality could be so funny! ; )

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Debut Novel~ARC Review: ~ Salvation ~ {Heal Me #1} by Stephanie John


It’s hard to believe that this is Stephanie John’s first book! It's a beautifully written contemporary erotic romance. I won't be surprised if we see her at the top of romance bestseller lists in the future. 

 In her debut novel Stephanie brings us the story of 
Nate - the hot, rich, loyal
 but broken (yay! love that!) CEO 
and Kara – his sexy, smart, but damaged 
Finance Director, who’s determined to stay single after a previous relationship ended badly. 
Honestly, this had my name written all over it!
I was so happy to see this arc offer, 
 I love office based erotic romance with 
not so perfect characters!

The story’s told from Kara’s POV which worked
 really well and brought us realistic closeness between her and Nate and also Mai her best friend – what a great girl! I’d love to read her story too.
Okay, I need to have a little rant! YIPPS!...

It drives me nuts when books are a bit too long for no other reason than to write what's already been done to death - like the Pretty Woman moments in this one... we don’t always need a shopping trip or to
 know that penthouses are 'the best'!! 
And I’d rather have a couple less sex scenes in a 
book than somewhat repetitive one's. 
(They had so many, that it seemed at one point 
 like they'd never get off each other!!!)

A few less (that are breathtaking) will leave me in awe, a few too many and I get bored UNLESS each scene is completely unrivaled - and that's very rare!
Anyway, that’s my half star off and my rant over!

 And not to say that this isn't paced well, 
because it flew by for me, it’s very hot, 
sexy and readable.

All in all, it’s a terrific story, with plenty of great banter between the characters (loved!), plenty of story to get your teeth into and (to be fair) plenty of sex to curl your toes through 

if that's 
what you're looking for!

There is a cliffhanger at the end of this one - but it isn't major so I'm looking forward to book 2 to sort that out and give me my HEA! 

LOVE that it's a duet too, 
there aren't enough of those around. 

Thanks so much for offering us your debut novel Stephanie!