Friday, September 27, 2013

Fueled - K. Bromberg 23% Taster - Colton Special... total yum!

My head clouds, trying to think of a witty comeback to this bantering foreplay between us. “It got you out there, didn’t it?” I bait, running my tongue over my bottom lip. “Just think of it as a means to an end, Ace.” Colton brushes his thumbs up and down once more, making sure he has my attention. “Oh, baby,” he murmurs, “the only end that’s going to be sticking into your means, is mine.” He leans in to nip at my bottom lip before pulling back to meet my gaze, one hand squeezing over my breast possessively. “Mine.”

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Driven by K. Bromberg

I need more stars!!!


A fantastic, intense read with an ending that's left me 
on the edge of my seat! 
I'm AMAZED that this is the authors first book, 
I really think that it's up there in my top three for 2013.

I'm almost speechless!!

K. Bromberg has blown me away with a really solid story line, 
mixed with breathtaking sex and such detailed intimacy and alone time between 
Rylee and Colton


                        It's an absolute treat to find a book of which 
I love both of the leads equally.

Ace is such a perfect but damaged soul and Rylee 
his broken but strong heroine.

I love them!

Friday, September 13, 2013

From Rags...

From RagsFrom Rags by Suzanne Wright

   A great story, well worth 5 stars 

Not going to give you all the blurb, it's a story of survival, that's passionate, hot, with sexy, sassy characters, a HEA and NO CLIFFY!!

Basically it's


I'll happily read more by Suzanne Wright!

One tiny point though - the cover is horrible! Don't let it put you off as it did me for a long time!

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