Friday, May 30, 2014

ARC REVIEW ~ Invincible by Alana Albertson



What a difference a re-write made for this one!

The book has a much better flow. Both Annie and Patrick’s POV’s,
some great new sub plots and a mostly slower pace making big 
necessary changes. PHEW!
For me, it could still have been a little more intense 
and a little slower at times. 

The brothel scene at the beginning is a critical one; I’d have happily read another dozen pages on that alone. Taking that whole scene slowly and giving it a more all consuming intensity was (I felt) essential. This was the blowjob that was going to save her life, it would have been an incredibly desperate scene but I thought that it just missed the mark on that. 

Toward the end I think it could have been comfortably 
given some more pages too. 

Overall though, it’s a winner! 
Moving up from 3.5 to 4 stars.

Thanks very much Alana for giving me the opportunity to re-read.

Thanks very much Alana for giving me the opportunity to re-read.


From the beautiful cover to the incredible synopsis 
I was positive that this would be a winner! 
I'd have given anything for it to have been a 6 star read.
I've never known such potential in a story, 
it screamed 'movie'.

Sadly though, for me it was paced at such breakneck speed toward the end that it felt out of sorts. 
Why the sudden need to change everything 
that was said throughout the story? 

It could have been amazing. 
But from a strong start it unfortunately finished weak. 
I'm truly gutted.


Alana is rewriting Invincible!! 
 I want her wish her the best of luck 
and assure her that we're right here for the reread.

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