Friday, March 28, 2014

Dom Wars ~ Round Two by Lucian Bane

You'd better lay down for this one!!

Book 2 does not disappoint! 
It's hot and dirty and I LOVE Lucian Bane!!

A solid, fast paced Dom/sub story (game!)
with all kinds of kinky action from start to finish.
This series is so different to anything I've ever read.

I defy anyone to stay cool when these two go at it.

At this point, Lucian is falling hard 
for Tara she's holding out 
but please God, 
this has to have a HEA???

It's such a great story, I'm loving it! 
It's clever and really funny 
but has heart in your throat sad moments too... 
OMG it's just brilliant!

"Like I said, I don't remember them. 
It's more like a missing puzzle piece in my life really. 
You ever work a puzzle and there's this one piece missing? 
Ugly little gaping hole? 
Yeah, like that."

The series gets  better and better! 
There's nothing to puzzle here, just read it!

I glanced at Tara and found her glaring at me. 
Oh? She wanted to be jealous?
Wasn't she just the sweetest fucking contradiction?

I can't wait for Round 3! 
(I'll need to cool down first though!) 

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