Thursday, October 2, 2014

Conquered by L.P. Lovell {She Who Dares #2}

~~ Absolutely brilliant read!! ~~

My heart was beating out of my chest 
as I read the Court House scenes.
I was all but there with them, 
lost to everything around me.
THAT'S how great this writer is.

This second book in the series is terrific! 
Absolutely perfectly written, 
my reactions to it were palpable. 

Oh. My. God I love Lilly, Theo 
AND Lauren Lovell hard!!

From the start (and what a terrific fucking start it was!)
I was consumed. Completely and totally gripped by the story, it hurt to read it, but I couldn't put it down!!
I mean literally, gut wrenchingly, it took me apart!
Talking of which...!

The sex scenes throughout are ridiculously good. 
The way the characters feel and connect as they're 
having sex is conveyed brilliantly.
OMFG Lauren writes feelings beautifully! 
Her skills are so great that I can't help but read 
with held breath and massive book butterflies.
I'm truly in awe of her for that.

As for Theo...

Where to start!
Lines written from a male POV can be hit and miss
Theo's line's ARE perfection. His thoughts 
(some of which are admittedly controversial) 
are VERY real and IMO very British. 
 He IS somewhat of an anti-hero...
But I adore him and every bone in me says 
he'll come round in book 3!! 

I have to mention that, the entire dialogue of this series 
perfectly portrays us Brits - it's outstanding. 
Up there with the best Brit writers 
of British based stories that I've ever read.
(Yup! We're talking JEM!) 

I could gush for hours about this series! 
I can honestly say it's up there in my top 5 series EVER!
I didn't want this book to end and felt quite panicky at seeing there was only 6 minutes of it left on my Kindle!

And I'm not even going to mention that 
mother fucking cliffhanger!!! 

Without a doubt the BEST and WORST 
cliffy E.V.E.R. - seriously LOL
Just know that I need book 3 like yesterday!!

If you're looking to start an AMAZING series, 
drop everything and buy Besieged and Conquered now!

Thank you so much for gifting us the ARC - 
I'd happily pay twice for books of this quality.

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