Saturday, February 1, 2014

ARC REVIEW - Taut: The Ford Book ~ J.A. Huss

There just aren't enough stars!
To me this was a truly faultless read

I've been completely mesmerized by Taut. 
I've devoured every word. I didn't want it to end.

Ford's complex nature is written in such detail 
that I don't think I've ever known 
a protagonist that was written better.

The way that his high functioning Asperger syndrome worked for him was fascinating and seemed to encourage his high achieving nature which in turn meant he fixated...
 especially on Rook.
Realizing he'd loose Ash and fixating on winning her love,
 was beyond perfect I just loved reading it so much.

I absolutely loved that Taut was written 
from Ford's POV.

I also think that Ash was written as 
smart and sassy, sexy and real
as I've ever read a leading lady.
Together they were outstanding to read.

I'm in awe!
Just completely blown away by how beautifully it's written. 

Quotes from Taut - The Ford Book

“If you can win me, you can have me. I'll be yours and you'll have earned it” 
― J.A. HussTAUT: The Ford Book

“I’m going to take Ashleigh Li. I’m going to own her body in every way imaginable. I’m going to take her from behind. From above. From below. She’s going to beg me for more, beg for my cock in her mouth, and beg me to do it again and again and again. She will never forget me, even if she does walk out of my life tomorrow.” 
― J.A. HussTAUT: The Ford Book:

“I love you. I’m in, Ashleigh. I want you, I want Kate, I want this. I want to sleep with you every night and give you everything” 
― J.A. HussTAUT: The Ford Book:

“Just give yourself to me. Trust me. For one day. I’ll take care of you.” She exhales and stares up at me. She looks lost and broken. She looks sad and defeated. And I hate it. “One day of trust, Ashleigh. Just one day. And then tomorrow we can drive to LA and life can start again. But don’t let your pause end up meaningless. Make it count. Give me control. I’ll show you life goes on.” 
― J.A. HussTAUT: The Ford Book:




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