Friday, August 8, 2014

SKIN { Paris Secrets #3 } ~ Michelle Renae

The lovers Jean-Louis and Hollie finally meet...

 And let me tell you, it was beautiful.

A tear filled moment of perfection - I loved it. 
I didn't read the passion, so much as felt it. 

Exquisite and erotically written to perfection.
It was all I hoped it would be.
 In a world where it's hard to meet Mr Right this story makes you feel as if even under the most unusual 
(and erotic!) of circumstances it can happen. 

It was just beautiful that they found each other. 
And even more so on the night they finally met.

And then OMG how they got it on!!

Their visit to the museum for sex one of my favorites! 
It was so hot and dirty - yet beautiful. 
Soooo well written and the way he came so dramatically 
and erotically was totally yum to read!!

An exhibitionists heaven!

This series is understated, never overplayed 
- Michele keeps it real. 
I loved when Jean-Louis spoke to us the readers, 
that was funny and clever!!

Highly recommended for when you fancy 
reading something completely different in your 
erotic romance library. 
                        Book 1                       
Book 2

     Book 3  

Books kindly offered by Michele Renae 
for an (as always) honest review.
Thank you - I loved them.

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