Thursday, July 31, 2014

BASTARD > Bad Boys #2 ~ Jordan Silver

Classic Jordan Silver!
This book is absolutely hysterical!! 

'Of course I will be able to find her wherever, so the game was not fair; 
but who gives a fuck? 
My game, my pussy, my rules!'

One of the funniest erotica's I've ever read!! 
For making me laugh out loud to the point 
where I had tears in my eyes it's getting...

'One fuck down many more to go! 
I took her lips in a hard kiss as I shook off the dregs of my jizz inside her. 
I wasn't kidding when I said she was 
going to be my little breeder.' 

'Yeah I'm a sick fuck but I like me, shit I ought to see about cloning my ass.'

Xander Kostanidis 

'I'd been trying out my gentlemanly skills 
by planning to fuck her on a nice soft bed for round two'

He's a bastard and he knows it. 

'I flexed my already hard cock so it hit her in the chin. "Open." She resisted, which is what I'd expected; until I grabbed her head and forced her mouth open around Xander, you beast, have a heart. 
She's the mother of your future children have some motherfucking respect.'

Hmmm - maybe more like this girls...! ; )

He pretty much don't give a damn what anyone 
thinks about him one way or the other, so it's cool. 
Now he's decided that it's time to get started on his dynasty and he needs to find a nice, pure virgin; because his mother would skin him if he got one 
of his usual skanks in the family way. 

When he catches sight of the lovely Bianca 
on the street one day, 
he sets out to... acquire her, 
by fair means or foul.

It's completely outrageous - I loved it!!
'Yes I know, people think I'm sick, but it's been such a long time since I gave a fuck...who cares?'
I can spot a Jordan Silver book from a mile away 
and honestly ONLY JS could have written this!!

What a treat! Oh my fucking god I did not know 
that she had such a comedic side to her!
I smiled the whole time that I read this crazy book. 
I have no idea how her mind works but I love her! 
In my opinion the blurb for this one could be written about the author herself, because she clearly doesn't give a damn either!!
Take her as you find her - she's a genius!

This starts as a very dark read but ends up with a terrific HEA. He's a kidnapping rapist that falls in love!! 
WTF?!!... No, just JS!! 

LMAO It's completely nuts but it worked beautifully!

I heard her pulling on her restraints and looked up. "Let me out of here."
"Damn my work is never done. Fucking girl." I left what I was doing and headed up the stairs, releasing my cock as I went. In the bedroom I stripped, climbed onto the bed and straddled her chest, the look on her face was priceless. "You rang?" 
Thoroughly enjoyed and can't wait 
for my next JS Bad Boy!

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