Monday, October 28, 2013

Mine by Katy Evans


3.5 out of 5 Stars - gutted! 

Some reviews are harder to write than others, especially when the author has been kind enough to supply our Blog with arc's. But it's important to us all at Sizzling Pages that we write honest opinions and reviews and so I have to say that although I really enjoyed REAL, I didn't love this one because of Brooke.
Here we go...
Perhaps because it was written entirely from Brooke's POV it just didn't work.
By the half way point I was so sick of reading over and over how much she loved him on pretty much every. single. page. that ultimately, we're left with about a novella worth of story and the rest is just her feelings for Remy.

I wanted to throw my Kindle at a wall. I felt like it was being rammed down my throat. The story suffered for this repetitiveness. Also, The. Amount. Of. Times. That. I Saw. This. Drove. Me. Nuts. Grrrrr.

Some of the lines are quite strange too, one about "her tears literally exploding out of her eyes" made me laugh out loud in a sad scene.

His parents saying that they wanted him "serene" was another WTF moment.

But mostly, I think to write a woman into a dumb character that doesn't seem to grasp the basics and is constantly shaking and crying and seemingly unable to stand on her own two feet is always going to fail with me. 

Inexperienced? Yes. Dumb? N.E.V.E.R.