Friday, November 22, 2013

Mafia Captive by Kitty Thomas

Mafia Captive

5 challenging stars

Kitty Thomas writes in your face, I don’t give a fuck, take it or leave it erotica. 
That probably ensures a lot of people won’t enjoy it!
In a way, I don't blame them, her stories are challenging to read.

So if you’re tempted to read this mind-fuck, then go into it with that in mind.
thank fuck for that!!

All I can say is

There’s something that completely grips me with her stories, 
I lost sleep for this book and spent my waking hours thinking about it.

The way we’re drawn into Faith’s awful situation with Leo is incredible. 
I cried for most of the first half of this book!

Whether you want to think about it being Stockholm Syndrome or just simply the possibly of this being what many people crave and never admit to, is left up to us.
But I was completely drawn into her world.

Kitty Thomas has given me no choice but to be a fan!
In my opinion she has a brilliantly wild, thought provoking mind.