Tuesday, November 12, 2013

New ~ Reciprocity ~ K I Lynn Teaser


~ Courtesy of the Author ~

We proudly present this stunning teaser

My eyes flickered around, trying to take my mind off of the intense pleasure of her mouth. I needed more, needed to last longer. Her coffee cup was sitting on the edge of my desk, steam coming off the top. It was black, and not the way she took her coffee.
A wicked grin formed on my face and I looked down at her.
“Do you want some cream in your coffee, slut?”
She hummed around me and tried to speak, the vibration made my eyes roll back. I was so close to exploding. My hands released her hair and I leaned over, my cock popping from her lips as I grabbed her cup. She chased after me with her mouth, her tongue lapping at my tip.
I grabbed my cock and gave it a tug, then slapped it against her lips. She smiled up at me as my hand worked up and down, teasing the underside of the head, getting me that last little bit further before I popped.
Her mouth was open and waiting. My whole body tensed, every muscle coiled tight. The first explosive bursts landed in her mouth, then I pulled away and let the remainder land in the cup.
“Don’t swallow,” I said with heavy breaths. She did as I asked, her mouth open as I finished off emptying into her coffee.
When I was done, I held the mug in front of her as she let my come roll off her tongue into it. I set it back down on my desk, a hard shudder running through me as she sucked the last drop from the tip.
I felt lighter, and a bit sleepy as I slumped back down in my chair. “Fuck, I needed that.”
She grabbed a tissue from the box on my desk and wiped away any leftovers. My hand reached out and ran through her hair, straightening out the mess I’d made. “I have a meeting, but don’t worry, I’ll get you tonight.”
She smiled and stood up, then leaned forward for a kiss. “Can’t wait.” She turned and headed for the door.
“Don’t forget your coffee,” I called after her.
Turning around she picked it up and brought it to her lips, taking a sip. She let out a little moan, smiling as she licked her lips.
“Perfect.” She winked at me and took another sip, then headed out the door.
Fuck, she was naughty. I fucking loved it.

"It's a fucking 10!!"

    We are seriously gagging for the final book in this amazing series!