Sunday, January 5, 2014

Desire ~ B.L. Wilde (The Seductors Series #1)

Great Story, great concept!
Some sizzling hot scenes!

Well here's something different! 
And I love suspense erotica so this was just what I needed! 
Don't expect the HEA of your dreams - it's not over yet!

“I work for a secret organization called The Seductors 
that specializes in gaining certain objects 
or pieces of information for our clients. 

Of course, to seduce a target, you only need one thing: sex.

My name is Jade. I’m a Seductor
 and I can’t even explain to you how much I love my job.” 
― B. L. Wilde, Desire

It's a series with a great concept, plenty of scope to expand the characters and 'missions'. I loved that I really couldn't predict the ending and I'll be honest, I was surprised!

“I never knew it could be that intense.”
“It’s all about reading what your body wants.” His eyes were growing dark with lust, and I held the sheet tighter around my body, trying to control the fire that was seeping through my veins. “For instance,” he continued, taking my hand and making me stand, “right now, I can tell you want me to touch you.”
“H…how can you tell?”
“Your breathing is deeper.” Smirking, he moved my hand that was holding onto the sheet. “You keep swallowing, trying to control what you’re denying yourself,” he whispered, undoing the thin material and letting it drop to the floor so I was standing naked before him. “And now I see the evidence.” He chuckled, running his thumbs over my hard nipples before dipping his hand lower into my dripping wet sex. “Oh Jade, I can read you so well already,” Oliver smoldered, leaning down to attack one of my nipples with his mouth while his fingers moved in and out of me. I braced myself, using the table to try and stay upright while attempting to adjust to his sudden attack. He had me yelling out his name within minutes.” 
― B. L. Wilde, Desire



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