Friday, June 20, 2014

ARC REVIEW: Overwhelmed by You ~ Nashoda Rose

4.5 Stars

First off, I really loved the look of this book.
The scripted chapter headers and the butterflies throughout... 
and what a great cover!


I'm a big fan of this series.
The characters have depth, the story has meaning 
and the author has written it all beautifully.

Brilliant first chapter! 
We get straight into it from Ream's point of view and 
that totally sets the tone for the rest of the book.

Kat was undoubtedly the perfect woman for Ream, 
she grew on me throughout and saved Ream in the end. 
But for me, this story was all Ream. 
A broken man struggling
 to overcome his younger years. 

His character was compelling. 
I could have read a bit more of 'that' side of the story!
 ~ no spoilers! ~

The way Nashoda wrote the horror of his life 
without actually writing much detail was...

I love dark erotica. 
But there was a definite line drawn
 in the writing of this book for the darker parts 
which should mean that even those that 
don't normally go there will almost definitely 
be alright reading this series. 

 Shattered By You should be amazing!
Crisis' story will be epic. I'm in!

Thank you so much for sharing the arc 
with Sizzling Pages via Netgalley.

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