Friday, February 13, 2015

ARC Review: EDEN ~ Georgia Le Carre

 Another fantastic story set in the UK 
by an author that has never let me down.

 Packed with detail, an intriguing, sexy plot 
and characters that I want more of.

 I had no hope of escape until this book was read!!
Trust me, once you're immersed into a GLC read,
nothing else matters, I was a goner!

I'll be honest... there was a REALLY scary

'where the fuck are you going with this Georgia!!!...'

moment when both brothers took a fancy to Lily...

(God knows I don't do triangles!)

But I held my breath... 

and kept going... then, what a relief 

when I wasn't let down!! PHEW!!

Don't get me wrong, 

I'm not happy with what they did to Jake's brother, 

but it wasn't quite a smashed 

kindle moment - so we're good!

All in all we're set for another fantastic hot series.

Georgia is so on the ball when it comes to

the way that life REALLY is for those of us

that don't have a billion in the bank!

She's one super smart writer...

This is beautifully written, complex and deep 
(without being up its own arse) 
and with a shit load of social commentary 
that always makes me smile!
I'm really fucking happy to have 
the rest of this series to look forward to. 

Cheers Georgia : ) Loving your work!!

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