Monday, February 23, 2015

Series Spotlight - SUBMISSION {1-4} by Roxy Sloane


There is no place for disobedience. My will is absolute.

Following on from the serial successes of Roxy's

series, in the Submission {1 - 4} we have the 
seriously hot and dominating Cameron
and the beautiful, submissive Isabelle's story.

This is one. hot. couple!!

I've loved how all of the characters throughout 
the three series have been entwined - it's made 
it easy to follow and grippingly good 
as the story unfolded. 

With just the right measures of plot, love, hate, sex and control in place throughout - it was terrific to see the heroine learn that with Cam, she'd finally be safe. 
There is a dark side to the story too but that 
just adds to the plot. 
My God, Roxy can write a great story!

I’m the one supposed to be in control here, but every moment with her shifts my center of gravity until I don’t even know who’s calling the shots. I just know, I don’t want this to end.

With a HEA to die for and a satisfying conclusion to the entire collection - I can honestly say that Roxy Sloane is one of my favorite authors EVER! She's never let me down, the experience of reading her books is a visceral one - she just totally gets it. She writes emotions, feelings and passion at a breathtaking pace! It grips you by the throat and leaves you gasping.

Fuck, I can’t wait. I want to wrap my hand with that silky blonde hair and use it like reins, tug her head back as I fuck her from behind. No mercy, no release, just hard deep thrusts until she’s quivering around my cock.
The fact that Cam is a truly demanding Dom adds so much to the story. He's powerful and controlling but also a big softie when it comes to loving Isabelle - he'd literally do anything to keep her safe and happy.

It's been a fantastic journey, I've spent so many 
happy hours lost in this entire series.
I can't wait to see what the future holds from this author - I'd happily pay twice for writing this good but want to thank Roxy for kindly gifting the arcs in exchange for (as always) honest reviews.

Go get them girls!! They're all on Amazon  

And book 1 is free right now!!

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